Bespoke Tarot Experience

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Inspired by our history, we’ve worked alongside London illustrator Aris Wisner to create a bespoke Kimpton Fitzroy London tarot deck. Drawing from the exquisite glamour and heritage of our building and the rich local history of Bloomsbury, iconic cards from the Major Arcana deck have been reimagined.

Our Tarot Cards and their Meanings

0 Fool 

Meaning: Hopeful dreamer, adventurer, unprepared and naive

Inspiration: The dreamer painting from Fitz’s bar of a woman with winged head

1 Magician

Meaning: Equipped, resourceful, manifesting

Inspiration: Les Clef D’or or Golden Keys are the symbol of concierge, available to service you throughout your stay with us.

2 High Priestess

Meaning: Intuitive, unbiased, seeking, inquisitive

Inspiration: Virginia Wolf, an active member of the Bloomsbury Group.

3 Empress  –  III

Meaning: beauty, luxury, nurture

Inspiration: The glamour of Fitz’s Bar with the famous scalloped couch, feathers and disco ball.

4 Emperor  –  IV

Meaning: Strong, protective, wise warrior (usually this card is represented by a male character)

Inspiration: Emmeline Pankhurst, leader in the women’s suffrage movement who once lived at 8 Russell Square where the hotel now resides.

5 Hierophant  –  V

Meaning: Tradition, authority, dogmatism, Teacher

Inspiration: Sculptural details from Galvin’s Bar and Grill dining room.

6 Lovers  –  VI

Meaning: Harmonious, honest, connection, romance

Inspiration: Two statues at the entrance to the hotel and stained glass detail.

7 Chariot  –  VII

Meaning: Will power, focus, balance

Inspiration: Our chariot, the hotel luggage cart is pulled by two dogs as a nod to Kimpton Fitzroy London being a dog friendly hotel.

8 Strength  –  VIII

Meaning: Powerful, gentle influence, discipline

Inspiration: The Strength card gives tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II. Her portrait joins depictions of the statues of four iconic British Queens, which adorn the main front entrance.

9 Hermit  –  IX

Meaning: Retreat, recuperation, looking inward, wild

Inspiration Russell Square’s insect hotel symbolises reconnecting with nature in this card.

10  Wheel of Fortune  –  X

Meaning: Cycle of life, luck, chance

Inspiration: The hotel’s resident dragon, ‘Lucky George’, so named because the hotel architect Charles Fitzroy Doll designed an identical dragon for the staircase of The Titanic, when he designed their First Class dining room. Reunited with his unlucky counterpart in this card, pages of books swirl around the dragons, representing the unravelling story of life in a nod to Bloomsbury’s literary history. 

11  Justice  –  XI

Meaning: Triumph of truth, consequences, fairness

Inspiration: The striking stained glass feature of a woman in Fitz’s Bar.

12  The Hanged Man  –  XII

Meaning: Surrender, sacrifice, humility

Inspiration: Hanging up one of our Kimpton red hotel phones and the striking chandeliers which hang in reception.

13  Death  –  XIII

Meaning: endings, levelling, beauty in change.

Inspiration: Palm Court at the heart of the building and the famous Caesar bust that sits here. The famous Shakespearean quote from Julius Caesar reminds people not to fear death. “Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once”.

14  Temperance  –  XIV

Meaning: Moderation, grounded, playing it safe

Inspiration: The opposite of temperance, Fitz’s indulgent cocktails.

15   Devil  –  XV

Meaning: Unhealthy ties, loss of control, addiction

Inspiration: This card features a sculpture from the hotel exterior and hanging scissors, a symbol of cutting unhealthy ties from one of the hotel’s art installations.

16   The Tower  –  XVI

Meaning: Upheaval, foundational shift, awakening

Inspiration: The Tower card is an illustration of the hotel’s striking terracotta brick exterior, but features a rooftop dome which is believed to have been bombed during World War 2 and ultimately removed. In the card, the impressive structure is being hit by lightning, paying homage to the card’s traditional symbolism

17   The Star  –  XVII

Meaning: Spiritual purpose, inspiration, nourishment

Inspiration: Sculptural detail from the ornate castings in the hotel lobby.

18   The Moon  –  XVIII

Meaning: Illusion, subconscious, intuition

Inspiration: The moon is symbolised by one of the hotel’s striking chandeliers in this image.

19   The Sun  –  XIX

Meaning: Warmth, deep joy, vitality

Ideas: The winking sun from the zodia mosaic from the hotel lobby.

20   Judgement  – XX

Meaning: Forgiveness, responsibility, rebirth

Inspiration: Sculptural details in the arches of the hotel lobby of a woman holding a trumpet.

21   The World  –  XXI

Meaning: Closure, wholeness, moving forward

Inspiration: A guest walks through reception of Kimpton Fitzroy London, experience the hotel’s grandeur.