Bespoke Tarot Experience

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Astrological and magical folklore are laced throughout Kimpton Fitzroy London’s history. While hotel architect Charles Fitzroy Doll was drawing up plans for our grande dame of Russell Square, fashionable ladies and gentlemen in the finest drawing rooms in Victorian London spent their evenings laying tarot cards.

The game provided precious moments for guests to reconnect with their inner selves and share stories with others, as their paths crossed along the journey of life. Much like the tarot, Kimpton Fitzroy London has hosted those travelling from afar and created a special place to connect with fellow guests for over 120 years. 

Now it is your turn to discover the tarot.

Inspired by our history, we’ve worked alongside London illustrator Aris Wisner to create a bespoke Kimpton Fitzroy London tarot deck. Drawing from the exquisite glamour and heritage of our building and the rich local history of Bloomsbury, iconic cards from the Major Arcana deck have been reimagined.