30 is the magic number

Charlotte, a Teacher from Kent and Jack, a Marketing Manager from Essex, met at University, travelled the world together, and then set up their life by the sea. 10 years later Jack proposed, and the rest as they say, is history.

Although not their hometown, London was always where Charlotte and Jack wanted to get married. The central Bloomsbury location was perfect for their guests to travel to, and the grand Victorian architecture and splendor of Kimpton Fitzroy London, mixed with the backdrop of Russell Square and the iconic London buses and black cabs, sealed the deal for the couple.

30 in the end was the magic number. A larger wedding wasn’t on the cards anymore due to Covid-19, so they scaled back to a micro wedding with family and the closest friends. A fun-filled, relaxed day was the dream wedding for Charlotte and Jack, and in Charlotte’s very own words “the experience was just perfect and there was no better place we could have chosen”.

Now over to Charlotte to talk us through her perfect wedding day.

Kimpton Fitroy Hotel
Kimpton Fitroy Hotel
Kimpton Fitroy Hotel
Kimpton Fitroy Hotel
Kimpton Fitroy Hotel
Kimpton Fitroy Hotel

We met at University in Sussex through friends and have been together ever since. After finishing our studies, we decided to take some time off and went travelling, then returned home and moved-in together in Leigh on Sea.

Jack proposed last year (after 10 years of being together) back in Brighton, where it all began.

A central location which guaranteed a great time:

We are always going to London to meet friends and go out for dinner, so it was the perfect central location for us, our friends and our family to meet and have a really good time.

When we were in the early days of wedding planning, we looked at lots of pictures from wedding photographers with London buses, black cabs, and grand buildings, and we just fell in love with that traditional London look.

A wedding venue we couldn’t resist:

We were really lucky in that we didn’t have to change our wedding date due to COVID-19, but we did have to downscale our numbers to a micro wedding of 30. We spent quite a lot of time comparing London hotels, with spaces for a reception as well as lovely spots for photographs, gorgeous rooms and close by to Marylebone Town Hall. When we found Kimpton Fitzroy London it ticked all the boxes and was just the perfect choice for us.

Our guests thought the hotel was gorgeous and having the Corner Suite was extra special for us. We cannot wait to visit again!

All the magical moments:

I (Charlotte) stayed at Kimpton Fitzroy London the night before our wedding with all of our family – we went out for dinner and had a drink in Fitz’s the night before (a mocktail for me as I was secretly pregnant at the time). Jack stayed at a nearby hotel with his best man and they met a few friends for dinner.


The day was incredibly relaxed and just perfect. A few friends came to visit me while I was getting ready, as there sadly wasn’t enough room for them at the ceremony. We organised black cabs for everyone to get Marylebone Town Hall and we were just all so excited – I even had time to do my mother in law’s hair that morning – it was just the most perfect day.

As we were leaving the hotel for the ceremony my parents and I decided to have a little impromptu photoshoot outside, when a guest from the wedding rings to ask where we were, as we were meant to be there already. Jack received the same phone call – oops!

The ceremony was lovely and seeing our closet 30 family and friends as I walked down the aisle was just wonderful.

From the ceremony we got a red bus to take us back to Kimpton Fitzroy London with Champagne for our guests. I remember ‘Lovely Day’ playing as we turned up to the grand hotel entrance. We were all singing and just having the best time!

Kimpton Fitzroy London really didn’t need much décor as the hotel is just gorgeous. We had canapés and took some photos at first, and then went through to the main bar, Fitz’s for our reception.

The team at Kimpton Fitzroy London were just absolutely wonderful and had set the room just perfectly; they had liaised with our florist who had decorated the tables and had sorted so many little details for us for on the day.

It was the perfect laid-back wedding day we had always wanted. We served fish and chips in the evening and then had to finish up by 10pm due to Covid-19 restrictions (as you can imagine being 8 weeks pregnant, I was quite relieved about the early finish).

The entire team at the hotel was so thoughtful, and we were treated so beautifully. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting. We stayed on an extra night to enjoy the Corner Suite and went for another gorgeous dinner in London. Then went home to have our very first scan of our baby. It was just the most wonderful time!

Our fondest memory of Kimpton Fitzroy London

The hotel, Corner Suite and restaurants and bars are just absolutely stunning. You feel so special staying there and we can’t wait to come back with our baby boy to enjoy a meal and a proper cocktail (for me) this time.

The staff were so thoughtful and helpful – they all knew who we were and were always looking out for us. The experience was just perfect and there was no better place we could have chosen.

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